Hot Buttered Soul VIII

Chanhassen Dinner Theater, 501 West 78th Street, Chanhassen

Featuring Ginger Commodore, Jesse Larson (from NBC’s The Voice), Geoff Jones & Ashley Commodore

A great soul ballad is something very special. It becomes a part of your life. It’s music that gets deep inside of you. Which could be why it never really goes out of fashion. From Stax and Motown to Northern Soul and neo-soul, it’s a timeless genre that’s gripped us for decades.

We’re talking about the classics. Soul(full) classics. Local jazz singer Ginger Commodore is joined by Jesse Larson (NBC’s The Voice), vocalist Geoff Jones (Sounds of Blackness) and daughter Ashley Commodore who will bring you those feel-good songs that we hold dear.

The show will also feature Brian Ziemniak on piano, Yohannes Tona on bass, Brandon Commodore on drums and Deevo on guitar.

$40.00 show only, $55.00 dinner & show