Lori Dokken Presents "The Women's Club" Singin' In The Kitchen

Crooners Lounge and Supper Club, 6161 Hwy 65 NE on Moore Lake, Fridley, MN

December 18 and 19 – Singin’ in the Kitchen – Volume 2 Singin’ in the Kitchen says it all! The kitchen is that magical place where we share so much together during our lifetimes. It is that warm haven where we feel totally at ease and talk about our struggles, our successes, our loves and sometimes our losses. The kitchen holds our secrets and stories. This “Women’s Club” will reach into their bag of personal favorites and offer a collection of remembrances about those snapshots in time when we quietly smile and remember all that really matters in this life. When we open our eyes and see with our hearts, we are reminded of the richness and joy in our lives.

Featuring: Judi Vinar, Patty Peterson, Rachel Holder and Lori Dokken reunite for this (now) traditional event and are joined by new members of “The Women’s Club” - Ginger Commodore and Joyann Parker.