Ginger Commodore & Friends...The Healing Power of Music.

The Dakota, 1010 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis

Music can be healing… I’ll be singing at the Dakota Jazz Club on Saturday May 28. Meet me there at 7:00 pm and we’ll share a night of songs promoting healing, love and hope. Let’s come together in peace, love, protection and tolerance. We are living in a time of violence…mass shootings…disregard for human life…decency. Music through the ages has brought us through difficult times. We’ve been swayed by the lyrics, and the rhythms and the reasons why we gathered. This Saturday I will offer a selection in honor of children everywhere, IF I COULD. Join us in sending this song of understanding and encouragement out to the world. The band is Lee Blaske on piano, Gary Raynor on bass, Brian Kendrick on drums and Deevo Dee on guitar.