Ginger Commodore - Summer of Soul

Crooners Lounge and Supper Club, 6161 Hwy 65 NE on Moore Lake, Fridley, MN

Pull out your bell bottoms and your dashikis, pick out your Afros, find your peace symbols and your “real” platform shoes and come out to Crooners as we pay tribute to the music of the 60s!

Singers Ginger Commodore, Ashley Commodore, Geoff Jones, and Jesse Larson bring you the hits! Joined by Lee Blaske on piano, Jay Young, Brandon Commodore, David Feily on guitar, Daryl Boudreaux on percussion, Peter Whitman on horns, and Tiawynee Purnell-Finger adding additional vocals.

The documentary “Summer of Soul” displays the serious range of Black artists, the distinct ways they expressed themselves creatively in a time of great tribulation.

20 - 30.00