friends and fans! Guess who gets to be 1st on stage to perform on the newly remodeled, CDC guided Crooners stage! Moore By Four! We’ll dedicate this show to our singer Yolande Bruce who is still facing health challenges. And joining singers Ginger Commodore, Connie Evingson, and Dennis Spears, rounding out our vocal quartet, will be Ashley Commodore Ash Smash! We’re excited to be able to perform for you, celebrating a new year, a new season and send some healing powers to our sister Yolande. Join us Thursday, January 28, 7:00, in person or purchase a ticket for pay-per-view access. Then, Sunday January 31st, 7:00, we’ll return for one more in-person show. We’re excited! We can’t wait to see you! Call (763) 760-0062 for tickets!! Crooners Supper Club 6161 Highway 65 NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432