“Another veteran of Moore by Four, Ginger has a voice that is at once powerful and sultry; she can melt you with a ballad or shake you with the blues. One of the most enchanting voices in town. Get ready to be blown away by the sheer power and passion that (she) brings to the stage.” ”

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High-spirited jazz singer Ginger Commodore hasn't had a bar gig in more than five months because she was busy playing Motormouth Maybelle in Chanhassen Dinner Theater's hit production of "Hairspray." Naturally, Commodore is excited to be singing and swinging out of character again, and she'll be in fine company with pianist Adi Yeshaya, saxophonist Kathy Jensen, Mark Weisberg on bass, Daryl Boudreaux on percussion and husband Bobby Commodore on drums.” - Tom Surowicz

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  Black Music Month Profile: The Commodore family; a musical legacy Written by Harry Colbert, Jr. Monday, 02 July 2012 15:12 The clichés are endless. Like father like son (like mother like daughter), the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, etc. But when it comes to the Commodore family –two generations of musical excellence, the question begs itself, is it nature or nurture? The patriarch of the family, Bobby Commodore is the talented drummer who from 1974 until 1986 was the drummer of the legendary soul, jazz, gospel ensemble, Sounds of Blackness. His wife, Ginger Commodore, was one of the soulful voices of Sounds. She started with the group in 1972, departing shortly after her husband in the mid-1980s. Following her stint with Sounds, Ginger Commodore, along with Yolande Bruce, Connie Evingson, Dennis Spears and music director Sanford Moore formed the jazz/swing group Moore by Four. She is also the voice of the Ginger Commodore Quartet, with her husband Bobby Commodore on drums. Bobby Commodore also performs with Moore by Four. Brandon Commodore followed in his father’s footsteps, drumming for Sounds. But Brandon is probably better known as the tour drummer for wildly popular R&B band, Mint Condition. His sister, Ashley Commodore –not one to be left behind –is a prominent member of the Sounds of Blackness. Together, Brandon and Ashley Commodore have formed Boombox, a genre-crossing band that has gained a large following in the Twin Cities. So, when it comes to the younger Commodores following their parents’ musical footsteps, is it nature or nurture? “It was unavoidable,” said Brandon Commodore. “We were always around (our parents) with them at rehearsals and shows. My father taught me so many things. I’m still picking up things from him.” Bobby Commodore said he and his wife toured often with Moore by Four and their children usually were not far behind, even accompanying them on a European tour. But when it comes to his son’s drumming, he humbly declined to take sole credit for his abilities. “He says he learned from me, but he was able to work with Stokley (Williams, drummer and lead singer for Mint Condition) and Michael Bland (Prince’s former drummer),” said the elder drummer. “They both took him under their wings.” Brandon Commodore also heavily credits Williams and Bland for his talents. And though Williams was a long-time mentor, when the opening came for a tour drummer for Mint, Brandon Commodore was not simply handed the job. “I had to audition like everyone else,” said Brandon Commodore. “But I made it very known that I was willing to do whatever it took to be a part of the shows.” Like her brother, Ashley Commodore’s inclusion in the latest version of Sounds of Blackness was not given. “I wanted to be a part of Sounds of Blackness since I was little, so I followed my plan,” said Ashley Commodore, who has been with the group for the past three years. “It was like it was supposed to happen that way.” And the same way mother and father perform together, sister and brother do the same. “I love performing with my brother,” said Ashley Commodore. “We just kind of know how each other works and we have good chemistry together.” When it comes to Boombox, Brandon Commodore said, “It wouldn’t feel right without (Ashley) sharing the stage with me. She’s been my best friend since she was born.” He then joked, “That and she’d kill me if I didn’t include her in the group.” Ginger Commodore, who also performed for a short time with the Chiffons, is more than Brandon and Ashley Commodore’s mother, she’s a fan. “The best part about (her children choosing careers in music) is they are talented and able to do it all on their own,” said Ginger Commodore. Bobby and Ginger Commodore recently celebrated 35 years in marriage. As a part of the celebration the four Commodores took the stage (in varying forms) in a concert at the Dakota Jazz Club. ” - Harry Colbert

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...Expect romantic music sung with great verve; ...Expect enough warmth to melt snow; Expect a crowd...” - John Habich

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Another veteran of Moore by Four, Ginger has a voice that is at once powerful and sultry; she can melt you with a ballad or shake you with the blues. One of the most enchanting voices in town. Get ready to be blown away by the sheer power and passion that (she) brings to the stage.” - Andrea Canter

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...There are few such original joys as watching and listening to Ginger Commodore. All in all, she is like the properly self-possessed teacher who, lesson by lesson respectfully takes you to school and leaves you breathlessly dazed by the time class is out...” - Dwight Hobbes

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Hot Summer Music Various (Summit ) Buddy Johnson's "Since I Fell for You" gets as soulful a rendition as one will hear by vocalist Ginger Commodore.” - Dave Nathan

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CD Title: Global Harmonica Summit/Hot Summer Jazz Sampler Year: 2001 Record Label: Precision Powerhouse Style: Traditional Jazz Review: They and the other artists appearing during the Hot Summer Jazz Festival have created something special. Even the vocals are mind-boggling! Listen for Ginger Commodore singing the classic hit "Since I Fell For You." Hearing her breeze ever so lightly through this subtle soul-stirring tune is awesome.” - Sheldon Nunn

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